Liberty Bowl, OT Coin Toss

Liberty Bowl opening coin toss

Liberty Bowl, Pregame Coin Toss via P7's On-field Video Camera

Fan Zone eCoin Toss Introduction

St., Judes Hospital commemorative coin

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The eCoinToss™
Sports Display Technology

The eCoinToss™ Sports Display is a novel combination of technologies designed to give fans an intimate view of the coin toss. It's as if the fans are on the field. The technology is patented in the United States with patents pending in other countries. This means the eCoinToss™ Sports Display Technology is uniquely positioned to engage the fans in real-time action and answer the question: Who won the toss?

About the technology: The design team put multiple sensors in the referee's coin. The sensors are similar to those sensors used on motion sensing game controllers. The challenge is, a game controller is large compared to a silver dollar sized coin. Our engineers had their work cut out for them, but they accomplished the goal and squeezed all the sensors, circuitry and the antenna onto a 1.5 inch diameter circuit board. Oh yeah, and they put a battery in there too.

OK, it's all inside the coin, powered up and running.  The data from the sensors are transmitted many times a second to a computer. Software on the computer receives and interprets the data, then generates graphics to display the coin's motion, flight and spin rate. The fans see a three-dimensional (3D) life-like coin moving in real-time — the same as the coin in the ref's hand. When the coin lands, the fans see it firsthand as it happens. They get the answer!