Liberty Bowl, OT Coin Toss via ESPN


Liberty Bowel opening coin toss

Liberty Bowl, Pregame Coin Toss via P7's On-field Video Camera  

Fan Zone eCoin Toss™ Introduction


St., Judes Hospital commemorative coin

eCoin Toss

Rules of Football

Coin Toss

The toss of the coin will take place within three minutes of kickoff in the center of the field.

The toss will be called by the visiting captain. The Winne may choose one of the two privileges and the looser gets the other.

(a) Recieve or Kick

(b) Goal his team will defend

Coin Toss

Football USA

The coin toss is the first official event of a football game. Make the event spectacular for all the fans to see!

eCoinToss Sports Display is the only system that delivers the best possible experience for the coin toss.

We're in it for the fans!