Liberty Bowl, OT Coin Toss via ESPN


Liberty Bowel opening coin toss

Liberty Bowl, Pregame Coin Toss via P7's On-field Video Camera  

Fan Zone eCoin Toss™ Introduction


St., Judes Hospital commemorative coin

eCoin Toss
Stadium Tennis

Tennis Stadium Marketing

There is history in the sport of tennis. eCoinToss™ Sports Display shows the history to tennis fans as the game starts. It also answers everyone's question: Who serves first?

All eyes will watch the big screen. Our graphical coin is LIVE and complements the umpire as she addresses the players. It's like a Hawk-Eye system for the coin toss. Click the See It Work link.
Make an impact just before the game starts and engage tennis fans in a little tennis history.

Whether its Arthur Ashe, Fred Perry, Margaret Court, an historic place or event, you can show the fans another place and time. eCoinToss™ Sports Display brings the fans there in a special way, on the face of a glistening coin during the coin toss.

Where a stadium is named after a tennis player, put that player on the face of the coin. Each stadium can have its own coin face to further help the fans feel they are in a special place.

It's also an elegant and impactful venue for charity or a sponsor. The possibilities are endless Live, Interactive, Innovative.

Let the eCoinToss™ Team bring tennis history to your fans!